Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme

Sponsored young people from participating countries can apply to experience a life in the UK and work for up to two years, under the Youth Mobility Scheme, which is a visa category under the points-based system.  This scheme is open to 18-30 year old’s and if granted you will be allowed to enter and work in the UK in a temporary role without a job offer. You may apply up to six months before you are due to travel and such applications are generally processed within three weeks.

One of our immigration experts will advise you on your eligbility and best course of action to successfully submit the application for maximum chances of success. Based on your nationality and qualifications we will assist to get your application completed and help you gather all the required documentation. We will write up and submit a letter of representation which will highlight the merits of your case and relate this to UK law. We will liaise with the Home Office on your behalf and support you to ibtain the required result. Call u son 020 7887 1916 or complete the online contact form.

UK Immigration rules are complex and challenging which is why we work to our client's best interest and understand what is at stake.

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