Permanent Residence

As a national of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland you do not need permission to enter or remain in the UK to live, work and study. However, there are particular circumstances under which you will be required to prove you can live in the UK, such as if you want to apply for British Citizenship, you are an extended family member of someone from the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland; or you wish to sponsor your partner’s visa application under the Immigration Rules. 

In these circumstances, a permanent residence card would act as proof of your legal status as a resident in the UK. Although not currently a legal requirement for EEA nationals, and their family members, residing in the UK, the Registration Certificate could support you with accessing your rights and services as an EEA national. It is useful as it allows for a more transparent application when applying for permanent residence. 

If you are an EU citizen, you and your family members will need to apply for ‘settled status’ to continue to reside in the UK after 2021. You will need to have started living in the UK before 1 January 2021 to apply when the scheme opens.

The requirements are strict and complex therefore one of our immigration experts can assist you with your options as an EEA national, working with you on an individual basis and assess your personal circumstances to suggest the best course of action. Our up to date knowledge and expertise allows us to take a more personal approach when processing your application for EEA Permanent Residence. We will complete the required forms, work with you to collect all relevant documentation and strengthen your application with a Letter of Representation, which will highlight the merits of your case, relating this to UK immigration law.  We work to maximise your chances of a successful outcome and liaise with the Home Office throughout the whole process. Call us on 020 7887 1916, complete the online contact form or get in touch on social media.

UK Immigration rules are complex and challenging which is why we work to our client's best interest and understand what is at stake.

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