Visitor in Transit

If you are intending to travel through the UK as part of a stopover during a flight, and you wish to leave the airport during your time in the UK you can do so by applying for a Visitor in Transit Visa , sometimes known as a UK Transit Visa.

This type of Visitor Visa is relevant to you if you are going to pass through immigration control at the airport and then leave the UK within 48 hours. This process is also called “transiting land-side.” It is important to note that you may not always require a Visitor in Transit Visa if you are transiting through the UK, especially if you do not intend to leave the airport. 

You do not need a transit visa if you are from the European Economic area (EEA) or Switzerland, have an EEA family permit or have a Home Office travel document, for example you’re a refugee or stateless person

One of our experienced immigration experts will advise you on the best visa category to apply for depending on your individual circumstances, how long you intend to visit the UK, your nationality and what documentation you require in order to make the process as stress free as possible during your travels;  liaising with Home Office. Your caseworker will support your application with a Letter of Representation, highlighting how you meet the eligibility requirement and relating this to UK law. Call us on 020 7887 1916 or complete the online contact form to discuss your Visitor in Transit Visa.

UK Immigration rules are complex and challenging which is why we work to our client's best interest and understand what is at stake.

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